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About JEHANE Ltd


JEHANE Ltd is an Artists' Agency based in Brighton, England. It is personally run by the founder Jehane Boden Spiers. She is an artist and business manager. Jehane has over 25 years successful experience in the creative industries. 

We work closely with excellent artists to identify & develop commercial opportunities. We strengthen brand positioning. We create licenses and attract commissions from clients world-wide. We sell original artworks via exhibitions & on-line (shop coming soon). We provide consultancy services for artists internationally. 

We increase income for our artists. We license their artworks. We sell original art. 

We make art work for you. 



Jehane Boden Spiers was born & bred in Brighton. She is the founder of JEHANE Ltd. She studied Textile Design at Winchester School of Art (1994 - BA Hons). Her own designs have sold all over the world. Jehane's medium is paper & fabric collage often incorporating embroidery. Vienna is her second home and she speaks fluent german. 

I am inspired by colour & conversations. Images are the fabric of life
— Jehane


Jehane first licensed her own designs in 1992 as a student at Winchester School of Art. Her designs have sold for textiles, gift-wrap, greeting cards & more. Licensees of her designs include Stewo, Jung Design, Gallery Five, Sanderson Fabrics, Baumann, Penny Black, Collage, Medici, Zoewie, Boots Plc, and The Paper House Group. 

Jehane's designs have featured on London Underground posters. Her retail clients include Liberty of London, English Heritage, the RSC, and Vienna & Sydney Opera Houses. Her one-off embroideries have sold in galleries nationally. She has given many talks about her artwork including at the V & A.

Jehane’s embroideries are antiques of the future
— BBC Homes & Antiques


Jehane has over 15 years experience as an artists' agent. She has licensed art to clients including Museums & Galleries, The National Trust, Elite, The Art Group, My Gifts Trade, The Art File, Lagom, & John Lewis. She has licensed collections by leading artists such as Rachel Ellen, Cressida Bell, Paul Thurlby, Nancy Nicholson, & Jane Robbins. Jehane has high attention to detail and, above all, a good eye. 

I love the idea that my art can reach a bigger audience. Jehane has been quick to introduce my work to potential new clients
— Kate Heiss


Jehane offers one-to-one coaching services to emerging and established artists. She has taken part in webinars for The Design Trust and is a regular contributor to blogs & podcasts. Positive and purposeful with a strong aesthetic analysis. She provides solid, practical, and specific advice.

Jehane helped me make impactful changes with quantifiable results
— Zoe Wodarz, USA
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Jehane has curated her fellow artists' work since first opening her house for the Brighton Festival in 2002. Jehane's Artist Open Houses have featured in The Independent, BBC Homes & Antiques, Evening Standard, Latest TV, She magazine, and The Spectator. Jehane is a member of the Fiveways Artist Group.

Jehane’s Open House is a treasure trove of contemporary art
— William Cook, The Spectator


Jehane is often invited to write guest blogs and industry features. She has contributed to Sarah Hamilton's book "House of Cards" published by Pavilion Books, 2017 (German edition, Haupt Verlag, 2018). She is an avid supporter of the Just A Card campaign, raising awareness of the importance of supporting artists & small businesses.

Most informative and very useful is Jehane’s chapter on licensing
— Juliet Bawden
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Jehane is pronounced with a soft 'Je' as in the French 'Je suis' and 'Hane' rhyming with Yarn, Barn, and Darn.  Joan of Arc was called Jehane in mediaeval times. Artwork by Jade Mosinski

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