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Coaching for Artists Internationally 


Would you like your art to work more for you? Are you looking to licensing your designs? Perhaps you would just benefit from honest, constructive advice from an industry expert?

Jehane Boden Spiers offers one-to-one coaching to emerging and established artists. Tailored support with solid, specific, and practical advice. Each of Jehane's sessions will provide you with specific bonus material to take-away at the end of your session. 

Jehane has run impactful coaching sessions with artists and designers in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Sessions can be in person in the UK or via ZOOM video conferencing for overseas. Contact Jehane for more details.

* Slots available: 30 minutes - 60 minutes - 120 minutes - Half day (3.5 hours)

Sessions include:  Portfolio Reviews - An Introduction to Licensing - Brand Development - Private Commissions Package


Even as an established artist you need someone to give a fresh view on your work. Jehane’s vast experience helped me see how to quickly make small but impactful changes with quantifiable results.
— Zoe Wodarz, USA

Listen to Jehane's podcast on Art Licensing with Gita Joshi, Empowering Artists