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Meghann Rader



Meghann is an illustrator born and raised in the rainforests of Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada. She is known for creating work that is feminine and sophisticated with a touch of whimsy and combining bold graphic influences with her background in realism.

She graduated from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006 and spent several years showing and selling her original artwork before discovering that illustration was her true calling. Since then her work has been featured in several magazines and books including Flow Magazine's Lesebuch and Carolina Amell’s Illustrated Maps. Clients also include Bespoke Letterpress and Case Station.

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Q & A

What would your dream project be?

"To illustrate a Jane Austen novel". 

If you hadn't been an artist, what would you have been?

"I have a certificate in fine woodworking and have built several pieces of furniture around our house".



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