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Bex Parkin is an illustrator and artist living in the very rural Staffordshire countryside. She has mostly lived and worked in London at various art galleries, museums and art publishing companies including a fun job sourcing antique textiles for large fashion houses.

“ I have always been creative in one way or another, but it is my career as an illustrator that has been the most rewarding and exciting one. I always paint in gouache and recently have been adding chalk, ink and coloured pencil for added texture. I have a love of painting wildlife, birds and plants. I probably paint too many leopards!”

Bex has a brain that never stops coming up with new ideas. She sees inspiration everywhere. Prolific, fast, and highly professional. The busier she is, the better she works.


Q & A

What’s been your favourite professional project?   

"That would have to be a large scale packaging project that I’m working on now – I have learnt so much and it’s been incredible working with the art team who have given me a wonderful brief to work on.


Which piece of work has attracted the most attention?

"There are three – Leopard in the Leaves, Swimming Tiger and Cheetah"



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