Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Award

In Memory of Anna-Maria Desogus



The 'Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Award' was set-up in 2011 by Jehane Boden Spiers.

In memory of the artist Anna-Maria Desogus who lost her fight with cancer on 9 February 2008. She was due to meet Tracey Emin the week before she died. 

Anna-Maria Desogus (1968 - 2008)

Anna-Maria Desogus (1968 - 2008)

Anna-Maria Desogus

Anna-Maria captured the essence of a beautiful woman. A remarkably real & gutsy person, her legacy is one of a passion for art, of pushing the boundaries of 3-D design, of strength, of vivacity. The criteria for the ‘Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Award’ are intended to reflect her qualities: visual, courageous, socially-aware, humorous, intelligent, straight-talking, independent, and demanding.

Brighton University 3-D Design & Craft BA (Hons)

Two prizes are awarded annually by Jehane Boden Spiers and Anna's family; to a Graduate & 2nd Year student at Brighton University whose work best satisfies one or more of the following design criteria:

  • Makes a strong visual statement

  • Innovative and creative consideration of materials, subject matter or form

  • Thinking ‘outside the box’

  • Shows humour and / or awareness of social/ political issues

Awarded annually since 2011

Awarded annually since 2011

Zoe Rae with Jehane & Annie Desogus, 2016

Zoe Rae with Jehane & Annie Desogus, 2016


Prize-winners of the Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Award:

  • GRADUATE AWARD: Laila Laurel (2019), Luke Fuller (2018), Iona Aitchison (2017), Isabella Stone-Wilson (2016)

  • 2ND YEAR AWARD: Bronte Simpson-Little (2019), Rosie Tweedale (2018), Luke Fuller (2017), Darwin Simmonds (2016), Veega Tankun (2015), Aphrodite Theochari (2014), Erlina Beare Gottison (2013), Stephanie Holmes (2012), and Stephanie Iles (2011)

  • HIGHLY COMMENDED GRADUATE AWARD: Ollie John, Ava Vaughan, Jemima Bellamy, Jack Scott

  • HIGHLY COMMENDED 2ND YEAR AWARD: Immy Gray, Ollie John, Chris Pearce, Zoe Rae, Nedine Luke, Nathan Lisher, Alexi Simmons, Tsuwan Hsieh, Josh Bitelli

Catturando l'essenza della bella donna' - Capturing the Essence of a Beautiful Woman

Anna-Maria Desogus Obituary in The Guardian by Dee Edwards; Thursday 10th April 2008