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"Even as an established artist you need someone to provide the occasional fresh view point on your career path. Jehane's vast experience working with clients, designers, and the artistic community helped me see how to quickly make small but impactful changes with quantifiable results"

Zoe Wodarz, USA

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" I found Jehane very warm & welcoming. Lovely and easy to talk to. I found it useful to get feedback on where my work fits within the industry. Jehane offered really constructive feedback on my portfolio which will hopefully help see me gain more freelance opportunities in the future. I would definitely highly recommend Jehane"

Tabitha Mardle, UK

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"A very rewarding, dynamic, purposeful, and focused piece of mentoring. Thank you so much for a great session today. I know that there'll be a lot that will sink and permeate as I move forward. I found Jehane's comments specific, tailored, relevant, and informative. I appreciate the obvious time and thought that Jehane had put into prep. Jehane has given me a clarity and confidence to move forward"

Franca Westaway, UK

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"Jehane was exceptionally good at listening to each question that I had. Precisely identifying what the key points were and how I could deal with them. I very much appreciated the extra "takeaways" in the form of worksheets & the time which Jehane had evidently put in prior to our meetings. We got the very best out of the time available"

Beatrice Von Preussen, UK

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"Jehane helped me examine my feelings around my products. Together we identified a plan and practical measures to take. I am a textile artist and, being one herself, Jehane is uniquely placed to give me informed and knowledgable advice on progressing in a medium that is quite niche. She gave me good suggestions about how to improve the commissioning process and thereby reduce the stress involved "

Yvette Phillips, UK

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