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I'm delighted to be doing a webinar this evening for exclusive business members of The Design Trust, sharing experiences and motivations behind my work. It's a pleasure to work with Patricia Van der Ekker, director of The Design Trust.

I am looking forward to some interesting debate and discussions on creativity, portfolio careers, and much more.....


"Very excited that TONIGHT at 8pm (UK time) we have the amazing artist, agent & textile designer Jehane Boden Spiers with us The Design Trust Business Club

Jehane will talk about her career journey spanning the last 25 years and will share with her the 10 key images in her career path. This exclusive session is part of our 'creative rolemodel' Business Club series to inspire other creatives!

She will shed a light on the exciting breadth and wealth of opportunities within the creative industries. Drawing from experiences as an in-house textile designer in Vienna, as a prolific designer/maker in the UK, her expertise as an Art Licensing Agent, and more recently also as an Artist’s Mentor; Jehane will talk us through ten images which define her interdisciplinary career. Along the way sharing the lessons she learnt and the advice she wished she had received herself.

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Jehane Boden Spiers