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"House of Cards" by Sarah Hamilton is published by Pavilion Books and sold in Foyles, Waterstones, Tate books and lots of independent shops, Sarah has been promoting the book brilliantly and the number of images showing people photographed around the world with their personal copy of the House of Cards book is growing quickly! It is now being translated into german. 

Ich freue mich sehr!

  • Images - Sarah Hamilton Prints, Jehane's Licensing Chapter, Jehane's Christmas Damask design 

I've been so thrilled with the response to my chapter on licensing designs, one of my first steps towards independent mentoring and consultancy for artists. I am really enjoying this new side to my work, covering everything from branding and portfolio reviews to dispelling the myths of licensing. Do drop me a line if you might be interested and I'll say if I think I can help!

"Thank you to all the contributions of HOUSE of CARDS for your generosity of spirit. The positivity, enthusiasm, and encouragement that comes through is infectious and inspiring...

"I bought it especially for the chapter on Licensing...


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