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New! Interview with AOH

Jehane was interviewed early this week by Judy Stevens, Director of Artists Open Houses (AOH). The interview is now on the AOH blog. 

AOH: Hi Jehane – welcome back to Artists Open Houses – we’ve missed you!

JEHANE: Thank you – it’s exciting to be back! I’m opening as a new member of the Fiveways Artist group this year. Our address is 89 Waldegrave Road, Fiveways, BN1 4QL.


Interview with Jehane

On the Artists Open Houses blog

AOH: What is most important for you personally about taking part in AOH?

JEHANE: To have the opportunity to show and sell my own artwork. I value the opportunity to speak to buyers about my work directly. This year I have developed a new range of work including opulent red velvet cushions, tea-towels, zipped purses, framed prints, and I'm publishing my own range of greeting-cards.

AOH: You’ve also got some really exciting guest artists exhibiting in your Open House this year – would you like to tell us a bit about them? We really want to hear about the installation in the garden shed!

JEHANE: I’m so glad you think so! With 25 years in the creative industries, I have met a lot of amazing people. Ken Eardley, Marion McConaghie, and Annabet Wyndham are all old favourites. Natalie Pedetti Prack is a designer from Vienna who I have known since 1995.

Our garden shed installation is a piece de resistance! Philippa Stanton is well known for her beautiful shed. As she isn’t opening this year, we have collaborated to create something new. It will be an inter-active installation. It’s on a highly ‘topical’ theme, which will incorporate poetry and streams of coloured ribbons. But can you guess what it is?! Maybe we should do an AOH giveaway if someone can guess the theme correctly!

I also run my own artists’ agency, JEHANE Ltd. One of the artists I represent is Cressida Bell (Vanessa Bell’s grand-daughter) whose hand-printed scarves will be in my Open House this year. I will also be selling an exclusive range of Cressida’s stationery and cards that I have licensed to a leading publisher Museums & Galleries. I have personally admired Cressida’s textile designs ever since I was an art student – it’s wonderful to come full circle!


Screenshot 2018-03-29 14.30.10.png

Cressida Bell

Exhibiting in Jehane's Open House 2018

Jehane Boden Spiers