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Starting Monday 18th June - It's JUST A CARD WEEK - a whole week devoted to shouting from the rooftops about how truly amazing and special small businesses are! Promoting the fact that every sale is vital to keep businesses and artists afloat. If you care passionately about this then get involved. Take part in the FAB Just A Card Instagram challenge @justacard

JUST CARD CAMPAIGN - founded by Sarah Hamilton
The campaign began when Artist and Designer Sarah Hamilton read a quote by gallery owners who had been forced to close: “If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought ‘just a card’ we’d still be open”’. With a team of 8 volunteers, the campaign has gathered national momentum with support from Top Drawer, Mollie Makes, The Design Trust, Made by Cooper, Cardgains, and Benedict Cumberbatch designed the JUST A CARD Christmas card in 2017 raising vital funds for Anno's Africa.

JUST A CARD Shop window stickers are available for outlets across the UK to spread the message far and wide.

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* A portfolio or branding review with JEHANE* A mentoring session with THE DESIGN TRUST * A subscription to MAKELIGHT * A signed copy of Sarah's HOUSE OF CARDS

WIN awesome prizes including a portfolio or branding review with JEHANE and a mentoring session with PATRICIA VAN DER EKKER of The Design Trust. A subscription to MAKELIGHT and a signed copy of Sarah Hamilton's HOUSE OF CARDS book (featuring Jehane's popular chapter on licensing your designs).

JEHANE Ltd and hundreds of other creative businesses will be taking part; telling their stories and sharing what the Just A Card message means to them JOIN IN and share your story. We can't make a difference on our own.

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