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Bologna Children's Book Fair 2019

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Jehane Ltd shows portfolios at Bologna Book Fair 2019.

Bologna Children’s Book Fair is a trade fair with soul. We have had a fantastic week meeting with clients and publishers; the atmosphere is intoxicatingly illustrative. A trade fair which focuses solely on children’s books inevitably creates a magical environment.

We are active in the children’s book industry as well as licensed product. Indeed, we will be seeing the publication of a variety of new titles in Autumn 2019 with Zahori Books, Innovation Press, Red Paper Kite, and Walker Books Australia.

It’s a rewarding process to be part of the investment which is made into inspiring young minds. The importance of supporting young readers to experience a range of emotions from humour to loss is significant. Giving the opportunity to explore imaginative or challenging situations in the safe environment of a book supports learning and positive mental approach.

The guest of honour 2019 was Switzerland ADCH - featuring an exhibition of Swiss illustrators in the main area of the show entitled  A Swiss ABC . I couldn’t resist photographing and using the alphabet to create the word “Bologna”.

It’s been highly productive and valuable to meet with publishing partners as near as Spain and as far as Australia. Meeting new and old friends and making new connections with publishers, illustrators, authors, and translators. Thanks to the wonderful UK-based North Parade Publishing for their “in situ” shot at Bologna 2019;

“Bologna - you’ve been brilliant! It’s been so nice to catch up with old friends, make new friends, put faces to names, show off our new titles-including our new sparkly trail range, and meet so many talented illustrators and agents - including the lovely @jehane_ltd”

North Parade Publishing

Thank you Bologna! We are already looking forward to 2020.

Jehane Boden Spiers