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Celebrating our First Company Anniversary

JEHANE LTD is celebrating our 1st birthday. Thank you to all of our clients and artists for your support and business in our first year.

“ I am proud to have established a strong list of exceptional artists in our starting year. With a rapidly expanding licensing programme, there is much to celebrate. One of my juicy goals for this year is to exhibit at a US trade fair. I have booked to show at Blueprint in May. We are already developing new concepts for the New York show. We hope to see you there!” Jehane


Here’s a round up of what we are celebrating on our first anniversary…

Jehane Ltd was founded on 1st January 2018.


  • Exclusively representing international Artists from UK, Europe, Canada, and New Zealand:

    Tracey English, Katherine Quinn, Meghann Rader, Helen Ahpornsiri, Jade Mosinski, Kate Heiss, Snowden Flood, Ali Brookes, Susan Kennewell, Natalie Pedetti Prack, and Jehane Boden Spiers

  • Exclusively representing the Ernest Michael Dinkel (1893 - 1984) Alphabet Collection - launching 2019

  • Exclusively representing leading UK ceramicist Ken Eardley - launching 2019

  • Representing Amelia Bowman (UK) and Elisabeth Haager (Austria)


  • Book deals with children’s book publishers in Europe, USA, and Australia

  • Product ranges with new licensees in UK, USA, Russia, Italy, Germany, China, New Zealand, and Australia

  • Bespoke commercial branding projects with new clients in UK and USA

  • New product ranges with existing licensees in UK, Europe, and USA

  • Brand extensions with existing licensees in UK, Europe, and USA

  • New licensed collections under the name of “THE JEHANE COLLECTION” (for Stringberry and Timbergram) including a range of Jehane Ltd artists and Jehane’s own designs


  • Portfolio reviews and coaching sessions in the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand

  • A vetted coach for VIEWVO. Encouraging career development through job shadowing



  • JEHANE’s ARTIST OPEN HOUSE - Fiveways Group, Brighton Festival, May 2018 (Voted in Top Ten favourite Houses)

  • TRIO - Guest Curator - Kemp Town Artists Group, Brighton Festival, May 2018

  • JEHANE’s CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE - Artist Open Houses, Christmas 2018

  • BLUEPRINT New York - booked to exhibit in May 2019


  • LICENSE THIS! 2018 - Invited as a judge on the panel of the annual industry competition run by Brand Licensing Europe (BLE)

  • BRAND LICENSING EUROPE - on the panel of the BLE Art & Design focus group

  • THE POWER OF US - Q & A discussion seminar at BLE on the power of art and design in the licensing industry with fellow agent Sarah Lawrence (This is Iris)

  • THE DESIGN TRUST - one of twelve business owners invited to feature in the 2019 edition of DREAM PLAN DO - out now!

  • JUST A CARD - a series of three blogs about licensing including a Q & A and a portfolio review with Kate Marsden

  • CULTURE SHIFT - Creative Cafe - Working with secondary-school teachers and heads of school to inspire the next generation to pursue a career in the Arts

  • BEXHILL SECONDARY SCHOOL - Careers Event - One of a group of industry professionals to motivate secondary school pupils

  • EMPOWERING ARTISTS - a podcast on licensing with Gita Joshi

  • 5ft INF - collaboration with Philippa Stanton to create “A Blade of Grass” - a garden shed installation at Jehane’s Open House


  • THE POWER IN ART AND DESIGN - Co-founder with fellow Agency owner Sarah Lawrence (This is Iris) #powerinartanddesign

    Promoting the importance of the individual artist within the licensing industry

  • FABRICA GALLERY - a free portfolio review to support the crowd-funding campaign KEEP FABRICA OPEN

  • JUST A CARD WEEK - a free portfolio review to support the campaign to promote buying from independents


  • PRINT PATTERN, ART BUYER, and LICENSING SOURCE BOOK - Editorial on the launch of Jehane Ltd

  • ART SOURCE for PROGRESSIVE GREETINGS - Regular Artist features

  • SOUTH EAST TODAY - Interview with Latest TV

  • RADIO REVERB - Interview on The Business Show

  • BRIGHTON & HOVE INDEPENDENT NEWS - Jehane’s Artist Open House

  • THE ARGUS - Jehane’s Christmas Open House


  • INSTAGRAM - 9,350 followers


  • Launched a new ONLINE GALLERY

  • Published a range of JEHANE Ltd greeting-cards available to trade and retail. Designs by Meghann Rader, Ali Brookes, Katherine Quinn, and Jehane Boden Spiers

  • Published a new range of products available to retail - designed by Jehane Boden Spiers


  • Anna-Maria Desogus Memorial Awards - Brighton University 3D Design & Craft (BA HONS)

    awarded annually by Jehane Boden Spiers

    2018 Graduate award - Luke Fuller * 2018 Second-year award - Rosie Tweedale

We are celebrating our first birthday. Thank you for all your support in the first year of business. We are looking forward to an exciting 2019!

We are celebrating our first birthday. Thank you for all your support in the first year of business. We are looking forward to an exciting 2019!

Jehane Boden Spiers