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Helen Ahpornsiri


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Helen Ahpornsiri (pronounced Ahh-pon-si-ree) is an illustrator based in East Sussex, UK. Her work has a uniquely beautiful creative vision.

Helen's book "A Year in the Wild" (Big Picture Press) has been translated into fifteen languages. Her follow-up book is to be published in early 2019. Her work has been licensed to Anthropologie, and ....

All Helen's images are made using only real flowers, petals, stems and leaves. These are grown or foraged responsibly before being placed in a flower press.

After 1-6 weeks of pressing, the flora and foliage is flat and ready to use – preserved in their natural colours, with no paints or dyes. 

Each piece is then cut and delicately positioned to form detailed illustrations; all brimming with the intricate twists and tangles of plant life.

Highly original. Exquisitely crafted. Helen Ahpornsiri enjoys working to commission.

Watch a short film showing Helen’s process;

Q & A

What makes you ‘tick’ ?

I’ve always felt a need to make things. I’m not sure why, its like a little buzzing purpose.


What attracted you to work with Jehane Ltd?

The opportunity to move my work into new and exciting areas. Jehane’s experience in the industry, and her passion for design.



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