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Jehane Boden Spiers


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Jehane Boden Spiers creates intricate paper and fabric collages. She often incorporates embroidery, metallic foils, paper-cutting, and screen-printing.

None of Jehane's artwork is digitally created. It is all created by hand. 

Jehane first licensed her own designs to Gallery Five in 1992 whilst a student at Winchester School of Art (Textile Design BA Hons).

Initially working as a textile designer in Vienna, her designs have been licensed to Sanderson, Medici, Stewo, Viabella, Design Design, and John Lewis with over 100 card designs created for The Paper House Group.

Her original artworks have sold in retail outlets including Liberty, English Heritage, RSC, and the Sydney Opera House.

Her one-off pieces have sold in galleries nationally and Jehane has given many talks about her artwork including at the V&A's "Art of the Stitch".


Q & A

Which project are you most proud of?

"It was a thrill to see my designs on London Underground posters and bus stops nationally"

Any fun fact about you?

"I have a bronze medal in ballroom dancing"


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